Lighthouse is a precinct for home-grown game-changers: founders, funders, free-thinkers, startups, academics, and entrepreneurs.

Together, we're determined to make extraordinary things happen.


The time to
innovate is now



The global economy is becoming increasingly centralised, and as technology continues to positively disrupt how we live, work, and pass time, Australia needs to begin exporting home-grown, game-changing business ideas and products. If we don’t, we’re cooked.

We need a place that can be the centre of gravity for Sydney's startup ecosystem. A place which provides a high-density startup environment, so opportunities for ‘positive collisions’ and interactions can happen.


“It is time for Australia to grow up and achieve its potential as an innovation giant.”

— Annie parker, Lighthouse sydney


We know that startups and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need an ecosystem where they can flourish; a place that can adapt and evolve to meet their changing needs, which focuses on purposeful and sustainable growth.

And we reckon Lighthouse Sydney is that place.


Our Principles

These five principles are the guiding light we always carry with us – they will help us build the Lighthouse community.

It's time to #LadderUp.